How to get API-KEY?

How to get the private key of a Bitcoin wallet address using a pre-trained artificial intelligence model.

API-KEY for BitcoinChatGPT usage is available at four plans with subscription periods:

Your chosen plan will be individually assigned to your email address. Notifications about the expiration of your selected plan will be sent to your email.



  • Only one active API-KEY can be associated with one email address.
  • Reselling active API-KEYs is prohibited.


To proceed with payment, select your preferred plan and contact our manager via email at


Telegram messenger:

The purchase of an API-KEY is done through a Bitcoin wallet transfer to 1DUSwVn2VLwz2e1kzP6qiZafJrSnUpaSoW

After making the payment, send a message to our manager including your valid email address and the Transaction ID of your payment.

After verification, an active API-KEY will be sent to your email address.